Metal Assault

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    Aeria Games

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Metal Assault is a free-to-play 2D side-scrolling shooter, featuring modern military equipment, zombies, vehicles, and more.


Solo, Co-Op, & Team Missions: Choose from a variety of game modes ranging from solo and co-op missions, team battles for control points, 8v8 deathmatches, and more.

Player Vehicles: Dominate the battlefield with vehicles that include robotic bodysuits, powerful mortar cannons, tanks, and choppers.

Gear Up In Style: Collect a variety of equipment including military fatigues, shorty shorts, groovy goggles, and more.

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Game Videos

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    Nic (Nilax) van't Schip Previews Aeria Game's Metal Assault.

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  • Shut down

    It is shut down.

  • bigu

    is it going to restart?

    • Daniel Lofranco

      its on steam

  • Ethan Winters

    one of the best games why aeria games gota shut it down

  • BANE

    It was so good:(

  • Elizza

    Alguien me podría decir si este juego aun existe, ya que en sus tiempos lo jugué y me encanto aunque no alcance a disfrutar lo suficiente, gracias 😀

  • Kaream Jemmott

    I don’t get it, I was looking at this game all over the internet and decide to go and check it out and found out this game is offline, why is that? bad reviews?

    Well whatever has happen I hope this game comes back…
    It’s a shame it’s not available really wanted to give it a shot 🙁

    • Preciel

      bad customer service, you can’t expect anything good from aeria.. they don’t want to bother trying so they drop games really fast, there were hackers ruining the game for everyone and the korean version wasn’t as popular enough which was the cause of the closure but there has been rumors of it possibly returning this year at Q4 under a new publisher but we haven’t heard of them since.

  • Raz

    It’s coming back guys!