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Robocraft is a free to play MMO combining robots, building, and shooting into a self-described blend of Minecraft and World of Tanks.


Build: Create a robot vehicle from over 100 cubes and components - endless design possibilities.

Drive: Pilot your custom vehicle in head to head battles alone or with a team.

Manage: Autorepair your vehicle before each battle, store your creations in a garage, and access your game from anywhere through the Robocloud.

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Game Videos

  • Robocraft: League of Mechs

    Robocraft: League of Mechs is now live, adding Mech Legs, Leagues and more. Full patch notes are available here....

  • Robocraft Mech Legs Teaser Trailer

    Robocraft prepares to release Mechanized Legs to give your robos that gundam feel....

  • Robocraft – Share, Drive, Fight Update Trailer

    Robocraft keeps getting better. Utilizing the CRF you can now upload your custom creations for the community to see, and even rent from you! Don't miss the...

Game Articles

  • Robocraft: PVP mode “Legends of The Pit” Now Available

    Indie developer Freejam is pleased to announce the release of the latest game mode, “Legends of The Pit”, for their hit crafting-shooter MMO, Roboc...

  • Robocraft supports MegaBots’ Kickstarter campaign

    Indie developer Freejam, developers of the hit robot crafting-shooter MMO, Robocraft, are supporting MegaBots Inc.'s Kickstarter campaign, which aims to...

  • Robocraft Unleashed is now live

    Indie developer Freejam are delighted to announce "Robocraft: Unleashed!" a new, game-changing expansion to their robot-crafting shooter MMO Robocraft....

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