Robocraft is a free to play MMO combining robots, building, and shooting into a self-described blend of Minecraft and World of Tanks.


Build: Create a robot vehicle from over 100 cubes and components - endless design possibilities.

Drive: Pilot your custom vehicle in head to head battles alone or with a team.

Manage: Autorepair your vehicle before each battle, store your creations in a garage, and access your game from anywhere through the Robocloud.

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Game Videos

  • Robocraft Full Spectrum Combat Update Trailer

    Robocraft releases a surprise Christmas update to the game with Full Spectrum Combat! Get the patch notes here....

  • Robocraft: League of Mechs

    Robocraft: League of Mechs is now live, adding Mech Legs, Leagues and more. Full patch notes are available here....

  • Robocraft Mech Legs Teaser Trailer

    Robocraft prepares to release Mechanized Legs to give your robos that gundam feel....

Game Articles

  • Robocraft: PVP mode “Legends of The Pit” Now Available

    Indie developer Freejam is pleased to announce the release of the latest game mode, “Legends of The Pit”, for their hit crafting-shooter MMO, Roboc...

  • Robocraft supports MegaBots’ Kickstarter campaign

    Indie developer Freejam, developers of the hit robot crafting-shooter MMO, Robocraft, are supporting MegaBots Inc.'s Kickstarter campaign, which aims to...

  • Robocraft Unleashed is now live

    Indie developer Freejam are delighted to announce "Robocraft: Unleashed!" a new, game-changing expansion to their robot-crafting shooter MMO Robocraft....

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