Robocraft: PVP mode “Legends of The Pit” Now Available


Indie developer Freejam is pleased to announce the release of the latest game mode, “Legends of The Pit”, for their hit crafting-shooter MMO, Robocraft.

Legends of The Pit is a rampant, kill-stealing, all-for-one and each-robot-for-themselves PVP mode – Robocrafters are expected to use foul, fouler and foulest means to rack up robot kills as fast as hi-technically possible, with absolutely no kindness, mercy or quarter for the other 14 contenders in the battle.

Robocrafters of all levels of talent in crafting and battling are eligible to enter The Pit to compete for epic rewards if they are the first to obliterate 20 other robots and become a Legend of The Pit.

This new expansion also includes additional features, improvements and game modes:

  • Player versus AI survival mode [PVE Alpha] – practice and test your robot against waves of AI robots of increasing strength (robots designed by the community)

  • Fast Access Test mode – iterate on your robot designs rapidly; reducing time to battle readiness

  • Increased effect and rewards from Healing technologies

Legends of The Pit is the fourth PVP game mode for Robocraft, joining Battle Arena and Team Deathmatch modes in the MMO’s Summer season (note: Boss Fight mode is scheduled to return in a future season).

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