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    Free To Play, Racing, Shooter

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Robocraft is a vehicular-action online multiplayer game featuring the building, and subsequent piloting, of futuristic battle robots.

Business Model: Free-to-Play

Microtransactions: Yes, there are optional in-game purchases available including pay-to-progress tokens.

Key Features:

From Scratch: Create a mobilized mech from over 100 cubes and components - there are endless design possibilities!

Eagle One: Pilot your custom-created vehicle in a wide variety of game modes.

Behind Enemy Lines: Evade deadly encounters and secure valuable resources for your crew.

Keeping Tidy: Autorepair your bot before each battle, store creations in a garage, and access your game from anywhere through the Robocloud.

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Game Videos

  • Robocraft Beta Launch Trailer

    Robocraft announces entering beta testing... because clearly it hasn't been beta before now?

  • Robocraft: New Map – Vanguard’s End

    A new map is coming to Robocraft on the 10th of November: Vanguards End! Check it right here!

  • Robocraft – Enter The Shredzone

    Robocraft has new legendaries from weapons to modules coming, a brand new tutorial, and even better, a new single player game mode! Teamdeathmatch using A

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