The Repopulation Online

The Repopulation takes place on the alien world of Rhyldan. The initial settlers were forced to wage a hard war against the native species known as the Lesoo but ultimately prevailed through superior technology. However the true enemy on this hostile world was not the Lesoo, but their fellow space pioneers. Now take up sides with the Free People’s Republic or the One World, One Nation alliance to forge a sandbox world like you’ve never seen before in your image. Or strike out on your own and form a third rouge nation to take the fight to both.


Three Faction System: Join the OWON or FPR or label your faction as Rogue and stand up in arms against both.

City Building: Construct cities under your nation complete with walls, turrets, harvesters, workshops, houses, and other structures that benefit the city and people as a whole.

Massive Customizable Skill Tree: Master over 100 skills with 15 tiers of advancement in each skill. Skills fall under one of many trees such as combat, social, rogue, crafting, medical, and general.
Advanced Pet System: Capture local wildlife or build your own robot, then advance them as you see fit.

Original Combat Style: The Repopulation features unique combat that allows players to play in typical MMORPG hotkey style, or go FPS and aim each shot in action combat. The “Openings System” allows players to take advantage of created openings for their allies to reward players for coordinated strikes. The “Momentum System” allows you to build up over the course of a long battle to unleash ultimate skills. Players may also use terrain and crouching skills to gain cover from enemy fire. Continuous combat with particularly species or weapon types can also help build immunities against them.

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  • Sharka

    [Alpha Squad] Hardcore PvP/Crafting | non-zerg + strict recruitment. | most likely playing as mercenaries. visit for more info.