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Valnir Rok is a 3D online survival game developed by Encurio GmbH for PC that is centered around Norse mythology. In Valnir Rok players awaken to find themselves on Valnir Island, a place filled with violent men, wild animals, and mythical beasts. As a hardened Viking warrior they must attempt to survive in this harsh world by butchering any enemies that stand in their way, building and improving village structures, and forming clans to expand power, reputation, and influence. In a world where might makes right players will need to fight for their success, doing whatever they deem necessary for survival. Do you have what it takes to thrive in a world torn with clan warfare and mythological beasts running rampant?


Exploration: Players can explore deserted villages and burnt ruins, search for treasures in hidden caves, or take on quests for rewards and renown.

Crafting: Craft useful tools and concoct potions which you can trade. Combine items and learn new recipes. Improve your skills until you become a master craftsman.

Clans: Establish a full-fledged village with your friends and companions. Defend your clan banner and territory together as a single force. Battle against opposing clans, wreak havoc, and subdue their forces to render them helpless.

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    Valnir Rok is an online multiplayer sandbox survival roleplaying game in a Viking setting. Stranded on Valnir Island, learn necessary skills to survive the

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