New Valnir Rok Update Adds Female Vikings, Horse Mounts and More

Valnir Rok - Alpha 3 Update

The latest update from Valnir Rok developer Rok Entertainment is “Alpha 3”. With it comes the ability to play as female Vikings, tame and ride horses, farm the land for food and other resources, as well as build mystic totems to ask for blessings by the Viking gods of Valnir Island. Heroic deeds and great battles await in this online sandbox survival RPG inspired by Norse mythology, and now male and female Vikings and work towards success and survival.

Key Features to the update include:
  • Female Viking Models: No longer will boys get to have all the bloody, pilfering fun!
  • Horse Mounts: Tame and ride horses to quest in distant areas and charge into battle to intimidate foes.
  • Farming: Till the land, plant seeds, and tend to your crops to use as food, materials to craft, and valuable medicinal herbs.
  • New Hairstyles & Facial Tattoos: Choose from new hairstyle options as well as unique facial tattoos for your character.
  • Totem System: Build beautiful totem structures, give offerings to your gods and ask for blessings to slow decay periods and other beneficial in-game effects.
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