Valnir Rok Receives New Combat System with Massive Game Update


Valnir Rok Combat Update news

Online Survival RPG Valnir Rok is receiving a massive update to the title with a brand-new combat system. This melee focused system is reliant on four core moves, which can be used to counter each other. The Base Attack hits the enemy in front of the player with a wide swing, while the Heavy Attack inflicts deep wounds, but must be charged and aimed with precision at the enemies head. Low and High Block can be used to protect the player from lethal attacks. These new core moves can be executed both while standing still and when moving around the enemy, to offer a more fluid combat experience for attacking and counter-play.

Fans can either follow the action via the livestreams or support their favorite streamers by joining the servers and cheering them on in-game, in case they own Valnir Rok on Steam. Although the main event will exclusively feature the streamers, players might have a chance to challenge some of the participants to an individual duel afterward.

Valnir Rok is celebrating these significant improvements with a special PvP tournament pitting well-known streamers like Sarazar, Gerritkillerine, and macke0ne against each other and putting the new combat system to test. The tournament, which will take place on December 13th at 8 pm CET, features a double elimination structure, giving all participants a second chance to stay in the tournament and fight for honor and glory. Though this tournament focuses on PVP, Valnir Rok also offers a variety of gameplay, and players will have their hands full with their own survival.

Valnir Rok includes the following features:

  • Story and Quests by bestselling author Giles Kristian (Sigurd-/Raven-Saga)
  • Craft items, cook meals, brew potions
  • Build houses, fortify your clan base and employ NPC guards
  • Worship the gods and win the favour of your favourite god
  • Learn professions and receive divine skills
  • Fight in the Arena (PVP and PVE)
  • Explore living cities, former elven towns and dwarven mines
  • Ride horses
  • Explore dungeons and huge labyrinths
  • Trade wares and grow your own plants and crops
  • 16.000.000 m² and 3.000 NPCs are waiting for you
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