Velvet Sundown Closed Beta Key Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with Velvet Sundown, a unique Dramagame experimenting with social interactions in a goal driven environment, to help with continued testing of the closed beta!


The fascinating mix of social experiments and serious role-playing game elements, which will be released for both Windows PC and Mac, not only required the invention of an entirely new genre, the Dramagame engine, but will also be equipped with an innovative text-to-speech feature, the first ever in an online game of this caliber.

Before the adventure on the high seas begins, players are assigned one of 11 different characters all with different personalities and background stories.  Each player is randomly assigned various tasks which must then be fulfilled. The special feature here is that gameplay depends on the negotiating skills of the individual players via the chat function. Players can let their imagination run free in order to convince others to follow their suggestions – thanks to the integrated text-to-speech feature, all text entries will be converted to spoken word in real-time; making the game experience incredibly immersive.



To Redeem your Key:

  • The code can be used for registration here:
  • Follow instructions to complete registration and flag your account for beta.

This event has expired.