Velvet Sundown Starts Open Beta on Steam

Velvet Sundown Launch 1

The innovative Dramagame Velvet Sundown from the Finnish developer team Tribe Studios Ltd. has begun its official open beta. The unique mix of role-playing game and social experiment is something new in the international gaming landscape, creating the brand-new genre of Dramagame. The open beta will go live on Steam and directly at

In order to offer an even more intense game experience, the developers have listened to player feedback and implemented two scenarios which differ in play and outcome. In “Sea of Fire”, the focus is on completing quests and winning the game. In “Story of Fathers and Sons”, the core elements are the social aspects and the development of your own story together with the other players.

Velvet Sundown Launch 2

At the beginning of the game, every player assumes the role of one of the up to eleven characters on the ship. This could be a passenger or one of the crew members. All characters have their own personality and individual backstory. Randomly assigned quests must be completed in the course of the game. The players determine how a game proceeds, because they can give their fantasy free reign to complete their tasks. Thanks to the integrated text-to-speech technology, players are able to make their characters speak the written texts in real-time and thus bring them to life. While a multiplayer session may only take about 45 minutes, thanks to Dramagame technology there are millions of possible story versions, offering an inconceivable replay value.

Starting today, the open beta is available on Steam at and at

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