Aika Online Releases Karena Island Update

Aika Online Releases Karena Island Update



From the first day they summoned their pint-sized fairy friend, every Aika Online player has waited for the day when she would reach her full power as an Adult Pran. That day has finally come with the release of Aika Epic II: Karena on November 17, which introduces the long-awaited final evolution of the pran. Players will need every ounce of their pran’s new strength to defend the island of Karena from evil and seize glory for themselves in the revised Relic War system.



Each pran begins life as an inquisitive fairy no bigger than your hand, and over time evolves into a loyal battle companion with a personality shaped by her master’s actions. Now, teenage prans can join their masters on a quest to craft a Pran Evolution Stone that will transform her into her adult form and open up two powerful skills to help her master in combat. Each pran will also gain her adult wings, with a style determined by her personality, and she can dress in stylish new costumes and accessories which can be augmented through the new Pran Enchantment System to give stat boosts.



But evil looms over this happy day, as the resource rich island of Karena is under threat from the Zereca, Arcan’s oldest enemy. The nations have banded together to build a new weapon, the Caelium Cannon, with the power to drive away these fiends – but only if it can be finished in time! Players must defend the cannon from the raiding Zerecan forces and escort it safely to the enemy’s stronghold to end this threat to Karena at last.



Despite the danger, Arcan’s warring factions continue to fight amongst themselves for the greatest glory, and the game’s massive PvP system receives its latest upgrade with an overhaul of the popular Relic War System. Now powerful relics, including several new ones, will be more difficult to acquire but easier to upgrade, so that great risk leads to great reward. Each nation can now upgrade their relics to level 3 and take advantage of the most powerful buffs to defeat their foes – at least as long as they can defend the relics they have captured from the organized assaults of rival nations.



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