Free Silver Military Academy Badge!

We here at TQ Digital would like to thanks our players for their continued support. Considering the upcoming Superbowl on February the 3rd, we realize that many of our players will be occupied, watching the game. With this in mind we are pleased to offer all of our Zero players a free Silver Military Badge, with which you can watch the Superbowl and train at the same time! Please visit the Prize Manager on the Steel Warship (470, 865) between January 26 and February 1 to claim your free Silver Military Badge! If the Superbowl isn’t your thing, you can still claim the badge and choose to use it whenever you like, keep in mind the badge lasts for one week from the time of activation.

Your Silver Military Badge grants you the following benefits:

1. Offline training – Pilots in Cryostasis gain Pilot EXP as well as Unit EXP
2. Online training – Active Pilots gain Pilot EXP as well as Unit EXP
3. Revive at place of death
4. Thruster Energy Supply Boost
5. Killed Monsters yield an extra 20% Experience
6. 30% Discount at all Venderbot Brand Venderbots(NPC)
7. Venderbots buy items for 30% higher price
8. Claim One FREE Core everyday
9. No experience lost upon event of death.
10. If PK’ed, the PK’er will be "cursed", disabling EXP gain for 5 min (unless the PK’er also has a badge)
11. Pilots with a high level of PK points who are PK’ed will not be penalized as severely as those without a badge.

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