Myth War II Online: Video Recording Function Guide

Our gamers never seem to tire of talking about the in-game video recording function in Myth War II Online. This function allows them to record their favorite and most entertaining moments within the game and then save or share with their fellow players. Today the official team will give you a comprehensive guide.

About Video Recording Function
It’s an inbuilt program developed to record the gamers’ experiences. By using it they can keep track of all of the fun they are having while hanging out in the game, having an interesting talk with friends, killing monsters and being involved in different combats.
Also, their characters’ may become super recording models. A big smile or a cute look is always good to record. Are you impressed by the beautiful surroundings in Myth War II Online? Then simply click the button to record it. Players only need the game client installed, and then they can take down anything happening before their eyes.

What can we do with it
With this function, gamers are sure to make more of their displays of their adventures in the game and to show off their skills and knowledge of game play. All of which are very hard to show in the same high quality in a snap shot. Not to mention that compelling video evidence will make a player even prouder of their narratives.

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