Myth War II: Halloween Prep Event Series

Here at OnRPG we are ready to post a slew of Halloween event newsposts all throughout October. It’s an ancient tradition that we are happy to honor every single year. But this year IGG takes the early bird worm!

According to them however it’s never too soon to be thinking about spooky Halloween fun. In Myth War II Online, the event staff is ready to make you scream in delight with a special series of events designed to get you into the spooktacular spirit of All Hallows Eve.

The Halloween Prep will last for one week from September 28th to October 4th. For the duration of the event, some truly hair-raisingly ferocious monsters will be continually respawning.

Event 1: A Lost Family Member
Some dastardly Robbers, who have been hiding out in the nearby fields, have cast a spooky shadow over your family. They plan to kidnap one of your family members. You must take the initiative and defeat them to win prizes. To be eligible for this event, players must be Level 30+ and have a team of at least three players.

Event 2: Boss’s Attack
Every hour a ferocious mob of Bosses will be spawned in the nearby fields. It’s up to you and your fellow teammates to show them who the real boss is! The minimum team size is three players. The winning team will load up on tons of EXP, gold and other prizes.

Event 3: Genuine Cuisine
Collect or purchase various +5 gems and give them to the Chef, and he will cook something yummy especially for you. Does AOD gear sound tasty enough?


Myth War II - Halloween Prep Events Announced

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