Voyage Century: Pirates Hunting

Easter Sunday is fast approaching and so Voyage Century has prepared an amazing array of brightly colored eggs to give to our valued players as presents this weekend. Each egg contains a priceless treasure. But those accursed pirates can think of nothing that they want more than to steal the eggs before our players can get their hands on them. To this end they have sent a bunch of scurvy pirates to steal them all.  It is up to us now we must fight the brigands, reclaim our eggs and celebrate Easter together.
During the activity, some special Pirate Flotillas will appear randomly around the High Seas. If a player can successfully send a Pirate Flotilla sinking to the bottom of the sea by doing so they have a chance of receiving a Pirate Treasure Deposit which contains many valuable treasures. If they succeed in doing this then they will receive a Pirate Nameplate. The player should right click on the Nameplate to obtain 150?000 Profession EXP.
The Pirate Treasure Deposit contains Loadable Cabin, High-level Loadable Cabin, Loadable Ring, Loadable Necklace, Level 1 Skill Practice Book, Credit and so on. So you get to have fun with your friends, beat up some pirates and collect treasures.  What a perfect Easter!

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