Voyage Century Online Presents the Gate of Poseidon Update

Voyage Century Online Presents the Gate of Poseidon Update



Voyage Century Online is back with yet ANOTHER installment of fun and adventure – The Gate to Poseidon Temple! In our latest official game update, the god of the oceans, Poseidon, opens the doors to his realm to all adventurers willing to take up his challenge. Expect new monsters and bosses on a whole new level of challenge, with greater and even more enticing rewards! Guilds can now be raised to Level 10, with newer and stronger guild buffs, guild war equipment, and of course, more guild benefits. More treasures await in the open seas; ride out to them aboard our newest ship, the Black Pearl!



NEW Instance, Poseidon’s Temple: Located on Bimini, the Atlantis adventure never stops rolling with all manners of elite and BOSS type monsters including Temple Mage, Temple Temptress, Destructor Pernie, Wraith Master Gothis, Warden Rosca, Dragon Arseuda and more! Defeating them yields all manners of yummy rewards ranging from Imperial Gold, Temple Treasure Box, crafting materials for Level 145+ armor, high leveled refining materials to even Level 145+ equipment themselves– and more!


NEW Guild Level Cap of 10: The new level cap for Guilds is now 10. Guild leveling is now more challenging, guild wars more competitive, and of course – guild benefits are now more enticing! Experience the epicness with our new and improved guild BUFFs, and guild war equipment!


A New And Improved Open Sea Treasure Hunting Experience: Tempted by high level equipment blueprints, refining items, crafting materials along with Rare Gold, Imperial Gold and permanent charms? Yes? Well, start digging around in Bartholomew Roberts’ Precious Deposits, John Hawkins’ Precious Deposits, William Dampiers’ Precious Deposits, and Emanuel Wynne’s Precious Deposits!


The Black Pearl Unfurls Its Sails: The mysterious Black Pearl rolls across the ocean, seeking a captain worthy of commandeering it – discover its magnificence and power by completing a series of mysterious quests to acquire this new ship!



To assist you through this daunting new content, OnRPG is giving away Poseidon’s Blessing Gift Packs! Returning players (those who have not logged in since May 31st) will also automatically receive the Lost Captain Pack!

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