Camelot Unchained Reveals Hamadryad Art in New Update

Development is a slow process. Luckily the folks at CityState Entertainment are dedicated to filling us in on every inch of the Camelot Unchained journey with nearly weekly updates in a pre-alpha state. And today in addition to hearing confirmation of new hires including an engineer, producer, and community manager, we also were gifted a first look at a plant-based TDD race, The Hamadryads.

Camelot Unchained Hamadryad Female

Their unique features apparently aren’t just for show as they’ll be utilizing their stem and flower tails for racial attacks. I suppose my Viking brethren can respect the hippie TDD faction a bit more if they’re bringing impressive monsters like this to the front line.

Check out the full post and more concept art at CU’s Kickstarter page.

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