EverQuest – Shadow of Fear Press Event

By MerryQuiteContrary, OnRPG Journalist

 Everquest Shadow of Fear Preview

Recently I had the opportunity to discuss Shadow of Fear, the second instalment in EverQuest’s 19th expansion Reign of Fear, with the EQ development team. The team included Thom Terrazas (producer), Jonathan Caraker (lead designer), Julie Burness (assistant lead game designer) and Douglas Cronkhite (assistant lead game designer). It was immediately clear that this team loves their game and enjoys discussing it. Not only do they love their game but they seem to really understand how vital their playerbase is to the development of EverQuest, citing the enormous amount of feedback.

 Everquest Shadow of Fear Chelsith Reborn

EverQuest had its 14th anniversary on March 16th and as part of the celebration have released the second chapter in the Reign of Fear expansion which was released in November 2012. Shadow of Fear features two new zones: Chelsith Reborn and Plane of Shadow. These two new zones are meant for level 100. Chelsith Reborn is a mysterious new Shissar city that has made a sudden appearance. It is unclear as to why or how it has appeared. It will be up to the player to figure it out. Also included is an arena which boasts ten different champions to fight. Julie assured us that the loot would be well worth the risk of taking on these champions. As well as the new zones there are new and powerful spells, raid content, quests and missions, achievements and enhanced AA lines.


What the team seemed the most excited about however was the Plane of Shadow or as Thom puts it, “Plane of Shadow is kickass”. The Plane of Shadow was once two planes: light and dark. The beings of these planes fought each other constantly but eventually came together, using their combined energy, to form the Plane of Shadow. It is here in the Plane of Shadow that the god Luclin lives. Luclin is the balance between light and dark. This will be the first time in game the players have met Luclin. What is particularly exciting about Luclin is her custom appearance, animations and wait for it…voice overs! When asked if there will be more voice overs to come Thom responded with, “yes, you betcha” This is great news for EverQuest fans.

Not only was the team eager to talk about the new content but also to describe how they are working on the continual delivery of story-the making of history within the game. Thom says, “We are working better and we are delivering better” and that more story will be coming, “soon™”.

  Everquest Shadow of Fear Luclin

It is exciting times to be playing EverQuest and one thing is certain and that is that I need to get to levelling. See you in game!

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