SMITE Introduces Twitch.TV Integration with Ne Zha Patch

SMITE integrates


HiRez once again shows its dedication towards improving their latest title and one of the newest MOBAs on the market, SMITE. The patch being introduced this week to bring the 34th god, Ne Zha, into the fold is set to also introduce new active items including Blink to help players engage in ganks or jump into already started team battles and catch their enemies off guard. This should be an indirect buff to gods lacking gap closers. Shielded Recall allows players to ignore interrupts and return to base to balance out for the many gods capable of using skills to disengage from battle. Motivate and Portal are also receiving major changes to make them much more viable options.


In addition the much anticipated integration with has finally hit SMITE! Now players without a lick of an idea how to livestream should be able to show off their friends their skills all the while chatting with their audience with an option built directly into the client. HiRez is further pushing this new feature by offering rewards for minutes streamed! This is welcome news alongside some improvements to their spectator mode features.

Check out their official site for a full list of the patch notes.

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