Soldier Front 2 Dev Diary – Training Recruits

Attention recruits!

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We’re rolling out the first of our dev blogs for Soldier Front 2! While Aeria gears up for the launch of the most intense free-to-play FPS to ever be unleashed on the gaming world, we want to give you peeks into what’s going on with the game and what to expect. The new player experience seemed like a perfect place to start!


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Since announcing the game, we’ve taken special care to point out that one of Soldier Front 2’s strengths is the game’s accessibility for new players. FPS games by their very nature tend to be very competitive and can be daunting for someone new to the genre. This is always a tricky challenge to deal with, since we think everyone will agree that a continually growing player base is the best thing for a game. It’s important that SF2 is easy for newcomers to jump into, while still providing a competitive and challenging battlefield for veterans.


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To that end, SF2 includes the Free Training mode which allows players to hop into any of the maps in the game to explore various vantage points, grenade spots, and the general nooks, crannies, and nuances of each. Free Training also offers the ability to load up dummy targets to brush up on shooting skills.


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The Night Raid obstacle course takes it a step further with a specialized training map that times your run and grants points based on your accuracy against the training targets. Each course is graded at the end of the run, allowing a player to continually measure their improvement (and also show off to their friends!).


Soldier Front 2 Urban Warfare


When you are ready to venture into the world of competitive play, we made sure to have beginner channels set up, matching you up with other users close to your level and skill. Playing against other users who are a higher level can be frustrating, so the system makes sure to create balanced matches. Again, our end goal is for the game to be easily approachable for new players while remaining highly competitive for expert soldiers.


Soldier Front 2 Dev Diary


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