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S.K.I.L.L. - Special Force 2 (formerly known as Soldier Front 2) seeks to build on its predecessor, Soldier Front, offering amazing graphics, a diversity of combat modes, realism, and an improved learning curve. Suit up and head out to war in competitive and cooperative scenarios, customize weapons, and earn achievements to prove your stuff on the battlefield.


Gameplay Variety: A large variety of team combat modes, including a MOBA-style scenario, plus co-op modes await.

Achievements: An extensive achievement system lets players earn achievement points through completing optional objectives.

Extensive Gear Customization: Weapons and gear can be customized as players progress, to alter their appearance on the battlefield.

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Game Videos

  • Soldier Front 2 Terrain Trailer

    Aeria Games is just weeks away from the Closed Beta launch of Soldier Front 2 and we snagged an exclusive look at the variety of maps and weather effects.

  • Soldier Front 2 Alien CoOp Trailer

    Experience the intensity of holding off the swarm in Soldier Front 2.

  • Soldier Front 2 War Zone Trailer

    Aeria takes us into the heat of the action in their latest Soldier Front 2 trailer.

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