WoW “The Fresh Crusade” Community Server Launches on March 5th

By Jason Fogerty (JFogerty)

Whether you have been playing World of Warcraft for years or you plunged in during the pandemic for the first time, you may have grown fatigued of dealing with bots and high-level players around ever corner. And don’t even get us started on economic inflation. Trying to level up in an environment like that can be a real challenge. It also can be hard to find a sense of community. Now, you have a chance to enjoy World of Warcraft Classic “fresh” through a community project called “The Fresh Crusade.”

What is The Fresh Crusade Community Server?

As you are likely aware, World of Warcraft Classic Burning Crusade Classic is coming. As Blizzard explains, “Burning Crusade Classic is a faithful recreation of the original release of World of Warcraft®.” You can watch the announcement trailer for Burning Crusade Classic here. While players are excited about Burning Crusade Classic, Blizzard failed to consider creating fresh servers.

That was why player Caszhar decided to create The Fresh Crusade. As Caszhar is quoted here as explaining, “Blizzard announced Burning Crusade Classic with no fresh servers and no mention of what will happen to the existing low population / dead servers, except hinting there could be the possible creation of new servers post-Burning Crusade Classic launch.”

WoW “The Fresh Crusade” Community Server Launching on March 5th

Without fresh servers, players struggle to deal with bots, inflation, and high-level players. Making money in-game in such a setting can be borderline impossible, because there is just no way to keep up with the competition. You might think if you just head to a server with a low population, you won’t encounter this problem as much. While you would be right about the inflation, you’ll still find plenty of bots.

The Fresh Crusade will launch on March 5th. Players who join it will have the opportunity to avoid problems with bots and inflation. Caszhar said, “With all of us starting together, the economy will be more of an even playing ground compared to the higher/mid-size population servers.”

There is a Discord community for those interested in taking part in The Fresh Crusade. By launch, an estimated 1,000-2,000 players should hopefully be participating. The timing aligns with the Burning Crusade pre-patch period that will add the Draenei and Blood Elves. A lot of gamers are going to want to start over as those races. The emphasis on community should also make it easier for players to team up to level up together.

How Can You Reduce Lag While Enjoying World of Warcraft?

One other challenge that can really hamper your World of Warcraft Classic experience is high ping. If you are struggling with lag, the entire grind of leveling can be a righteous pain. And when it comes to PvP, you will have a hard time beating opponents who are at or above your level. In fact, sometimes you may even lose to players you would easily outmatch on a stable connection.

You don’t have to live with a bad connection though. One easy way you can reduce your lag while playing WoW Classic is with a VPN. But what is a VPN, anyway? VPN is short for “virtual private network.” Connecting to World of Warcraft using a VPN allows you to avoid bandwidth throttling, boosting speed and stability. That means you should have less lag, and will not need to worry about other players taking advantage of your bad connection to best you. Your entire game experience should be more pleasant and less frustrating, whether you are fighting, grinding or exploring.

Another nice thing about using a VPN is that it gives you broader access to the web. Geographic restrictions will no longer stand in your way. You also can rest easy knowing that there are safeguards on your privacy while you game, browse, stream, and do other activities online.

The action over at The Fresh Crusade is about to begin, so head on over to the community Discord to get involved. Have fun, and look forward to leveling up as part of a balanced community with a level playing field!

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