Mythic+ Dungeon Difficulty Ranking for WoW Dragonflight Season 2 from +16 to +29

World of Warcraft’s Mythic+ Season 2 has seen a significant increase in the number of challenges that players will have to overcome, with new affixes, dungeons, and mechanics being added to the game. Obviously, there has been a noticeable difficulty rise between Seasons 1 and 2. So if you are looking for a Mythic+ boost to get your character geared up and ready for all dungeon difficulty tiers, then WowVendor can always help out. In the meanwhile, check a list of the most difficult instances to know what you should be ready for.

#8 — The Vortex Pinnacle

According to Subcreation’s report, The Vortex Pinnacle is considered the hardest dungeon to complete in Mythic+ Season 2. Within this instance, nearly every mob and boss showcases a distinct ability that necessitates familiarity and flawless execution, especially if your WoW team aims to achieve a well-timed run. Each encounter demands a keen understanding of these unique mechanics, emphasizing the importance of precise execution to navigate the challenges successfully. Here are some of the things making this instance so hard:

  • Third Boss Orbs — According to player feedback on the Blizzard forums, the Orbs on the third boss of the Vortex Pinnacle have a high amount of health and deal significant damage
  • Cyclone Shield — This pulls all cyclones toward and deals nature damage to all players. Managing these mechanics can be challenging and requires coordination between the group

In combination with some affixes, such as Tyrannical, Storming, and Raging, the passage of this dungeon becomes the most difficult quest.

World of Warcraft Vortex Pinnacle

#7 — Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

There are several reasons why beating this dungeon at key 16 or higher within the time limit can be challenging. This is, first of all, due to the increased difficulty and mechanics. Each boss in Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr has unique abilities that require players to adapt their strategies and playstyles. For example, Sentinel Talondras comes with the mechanic called Inexorable and starts the fight with two casts of Unrelenting, with each absorbing the next stun. This means that players should be careful when using stun abilities, as they won’t work until Unrelenting’s effects are used up. If players don’t clear the remaining Unrelenting stacks with Resonating Orb before the boss’s energy approaches 100, the boss will cast Titanic Empowerment. Thus, Talondras becomes Unstoppable, rendering her impervious to any crowd control abilities. Moreover, her damage output receives a significant boost, amplifying it by 50% for a duration of 20 seconds

#6 — Halls of Infusion

Halls of Infusion is part of the D tier, but this is not a reason to relax. Instead, you should get ready for multiple challenges, namely:

  • Tyrannical Affix — Keys Run 16+ can be a particularly difficult dungeon to complete, especially in the Tyrannical Weeks when all four bosses have the potential to stop your run with just one ability
  • Complex boss mechanics — The encounter with The Primal Tsunami’s final boss comes in two stages. First, players will fight on the main platform until the boss reaches 100 energy. Once it does, it will cast the Cast Away and initiate the second stage, where players will be sent back to the beginning of the bridge and will need to return to the boss. The main challenge here is that you need to always be in close combat in order to interrupt the Ebb cast. However, you should also avoid hitting ground spheres

Every aspect of this dungeon delivers a substantial blow, amplifying the challenge at hand. Compounding the difficulty, the lengthy cooldowns that permeate the twisting halls of this instance pose a formidable obstacle, particularly for those players who are more prone to missteps or falling victim to hazards.

#5 — Brackenhide Hollow

Many would argue that Brackenhide Hollow stands as one of the more formidable dungeons in Dragonflight Season 2. However, considering the intensity of other dungeons, ranking it fifth seems justified. The initial section of Brackenhide is notably lengthy, featuring both formidable trash mobs and a punishing boss encounter with Hackclaw’s War Band. While maintaining a commendable level of difficulty overall, Brackenhide Hollow manages to strike a balance, even though it tends to lean towards the more challenging end of the spectrum.

#4 — Neltharus

Neltharus undoubtedly shines as a paragon of fairness and equilibrium among this season’s dungeon offerings. From the presence of well-balanced trash mobs to the captivating boss battles that await all players, the overall experience remains consistently engaging. With minimal instances of mechanics that may leave gamers feeling cheated, it fosters a sense of accomplishment and skillful progression throughout their runs.

World of Warcraft Neltharus

#3 — Neltharion’s Lair

Following a succession of adjustments in Patch 10.1, Neltharion’s Lair experienced a significant shift in its position, transitioning from being considered one of the most challenging dungeons to one of the simplest. While the ultimate segment of the instance, encompassing encounters from Naraxas to Dargrul, may still present a formidable gauntlet, it no longer poses the level of difficulty observed in certain other demanding sections of dungeons this season.

#2 — Freehold

Even after its initial introduction during the Battle for Azeroth in 2018, Freehold continues to hold the title of being one of the most straightforward dungeons to complete within the allotted time. Its time-friendly nature stems from the ample flexibility players enjoy in terms of pulling sizable groups of mobs alongside bosses. Furthermore, the non-linear layout of the dungeon’s path opens up opportunities for inventive pulling strategies, further enhancing the likelihood of successfully meeting the time constraints.

World of Warcraft Freehold

#1 — The Underrot

Since the inception of Season 2 a month ago, the Underrot has emerged as the prime choice for ambitious key pushers worldwide. Mythic+ score seekers have gathered en masse in the Underrot due to its notably uncomplicated boss encounters, each with minimal mechanics to contend with. Moreover, the mechanics encountered in The Underrot are comparatively lenient, sparing you from instant defeat if you happen to succumb to them.

Enjoy the Challenge

Mythic+ dungeons in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight may be extremely difficult. And the greater the keystone — the greater the challenge you will have to deal with. But if you’re seeking for the greatest gear in the game, finishing Mythic+ dungeons is one of the best ways to earn it. The above are the dungeons that you should definitely try and run with your friends or random server companions to boost your character to a whole new level.

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