WoW Wednesday – Darkspear Rebellion Patch 5.3 Preview

By Meredith Watson, Azeroth Reporter


World of Warcraft‘s Patch 5.3 is chock full of goodness. Aside from the usual pet battle changes, minor class tweaks and other mundane things there are some really great things in this patch.  One of the major changes for those of us that love levelling is the experience reduction by 33% between levels 85-90. But the most important thing about 5.3 is the Darkspear rebellion. Vol’jin has had enough and Garrosh‘s days are numbered.

World of Warcraft Blood in Snow

Levelling through the old world, Outland, Northrend and Cataclysm zones is incredibly easy these days, especially if wearing BoAs . Though why they are called bind on account is anyone’s guess as they can’t be sent to different servers.  Shouldn’t they be called Bind on Account but Only on This Server? A bit longwinded but you get my point. I digress.  So after breezing through the aforementioned zones you find yourself at level 85 in Pandaria where it is almost painful to level. Of course they do this for a reason but the change is very noticeable and really can take the wind of out one’s sails.  That is all to change with 5.3. Now levelling in Pandaria will be just as quick as levelling through older content.  This is a sure sign that we are approaching the end of this expansion.  It seems like only yesterday I was writing about the beta.

At the beginning of the year we were asked to do our MMO predictions. In my prediction for WoW I had mentioned that Garrosh would likely get turned into the Sha of something or other. It looks like I may be right.  Patch 5.3 is the beginning of the end.

World of Warcraft Cho Patch 5.3

To continue the storyline that began in Cataclysm you will need to answer the summons from Lorewalker Cho. He will ask you to complete the new scenario Blood in the Snow. Blood in the Snow takes place outside of Ironforge and centres on stopping the Zandalari from forming an allegiance with the Frostmane trolls. The task is to help Moira Bronzebeard and King Wrynn save Ironforge from a troll attack. There is much distrust amongst the dwarven clans and Moira wants to prove the Dark Iron clan under her leadership are trustworthy. The scenario is pretty straight forward and not too difficult. It involves saving some dwarves and killing some trolls.
World of Warcraft Bis

After Blood in the Snow, Lorewalker Cho will want you to complete The Dark Heart of Pandaria. This scenario is a little tougher especially with the incoordination of random grouping (and a Russian DK who was AFK more than not). In this scenario you are a goblin whether you want to be or not. The scenario focuses on a goblin excavation team that is trying to find an ancient artefact for Garrosh.  After a particularly nasty fight with the Echo of Y’Shaarj, the Kor’kron shows up to take the artefact from the goblins.  This is where it gets interesting and proves I may have been right all those months ago.  Y’shaarj was an old god. After the Titans killed him, Y’Shaarj cursed Pandaria with shadows of its former self-aka shas.  That artefact the goblins dug up for Garrosh? It is none other than the remnants of an old god. It would seem the final boss of this expansion will be a corrupted Garrosh but there are those that would disagree.   We shall see.
World of Warcraft dhop

Once Dark Heart of Pandaria is complete it is off to see Lorewalker Cho who will send you Durotar. As Alliance you take the goblin transporter at the Shrine of Seven Stars.  Once you arrive in Ratchet you need to find Amber and Sully who are camped out near Orgrimmar which has a large orcish army out front.  Amber will ask you to steal some plans, do some spying and rescue a troll woman.  After doing this, you will be off to Razor Hill to try to get an introduction to Vol’jin through the troll woman you’ve just rescued.  Vol’jin will have a quest for you to acquire 15 each of meat, oil, logs and stone.  As Alliance this is where it stops but opens up the weekly and quartermaster.  Horde will continue on with the Battle of Sen’jin Village and Battle of Razor Hill where Baine Bloodhoof shows up to talk about joining the rebellion.
World of Warcraft Vol'jin

Whether Garrosh turns into a powerful sha or gets his ass handed to him by Vol’jin (with our help of course), the next few months promise to be exciting times for World of Warcraft. However, patch 5.3 does pose more questions than it answers.  Judging by what I have seen and done on the PTR, Blizzard is doing a great job unfolding this story and I can’t wait for it to go live.  How do you think Mists of Pandaria will end? Will Garrosh be the final boss? Who will lead the horde?

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