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Aerrevan is a brand new MMORPG game, it takes place on the continent of Lurris in a world shattered by the onset of a magical force known as Aer. Aer has strong magical qualities, but is also highly toxic to the body.
It has been four years since the Baehoman meteor struck Lurris, bringing with it this toxic element. When the meteor struck, Aer was unevenly dispersed around the world, many died as their very life force was stripped from their bodies, and others became mutated, turning into horrible creatures. Everything from wildlife to the long since dead has felt the effects of Aer. In the years before the meteor strike, Lurris was hardly in a state of peace, the three races of the world, Humans, Orcs, and Elves were held together with weak political arrangements made by their leaders. Today, a new level of alliance has formed.While exploring, you will never have to experience a single loading screen or pause in gameplay. Everything from houses to dungeons are 100% seamless. This system is used extensively throughout the world, and every single structure has an interior.

Dynamic NPC Conversation
In Aerrevan, NPCs are intelligent beings. You can talk to characters by typing text the same way you would communicate with other human players. NPCs are able to understand the english language and respond in meaningful and incredibly immersive ways that bring the player into the game like never before. This kind of dynamic NPC interaction has never before been implemented in a large scale MMO environment, and we are very excited to explore the possibilities this system will provide us with in the development process.
In Aerrevan, your player does not have a defined class. Instead, your actions and preferred skills dictate your characters strengths and weaknesses. Want to make an archer mage that wears full plate armor? Go ahead! If you use your character this way, it will become stronger in its own unique way, ensuring a balanced gameplay experience no matter how you choose to play.
Skill Trees
Every skill in Aerrevan is divided into one of eleven categories. Unlike skill levels, these categories do not level up. Instead, each individual skill levels up as the player uses it. When a certain level is reached, the next skill in the ability branch becomes instantly available to the character.
For example:
[1]fire touch (learned via trainer) → [2]fireball → [3]heat blast → [4]firestorm → [5]fire ring
When a player uses the “fire touch” skill enough, they instantly unlock the fireball skill without having to visit a trainer. The progression seen above would be known as the fire touch branch. As a player progresses through the branch, the earlier skill in the branch is not replaced; the new one simply becomes available to them. To obtain the first skill in a branch, a player must visit a trainer NPC.

Powerful guilds can take control of guild control points through PvP. These points can be anything from an ancient tower to a capital city and can offer various rewards to the resident guild.

As you progress in Aerrevan, your character will begin to accumulate Aer in their body. If the Aer reaches concentrations beyond what your body can handle, you will begin to mutate. At first mutation makes you stronger, but soon after you will sharply decline in strength and need to remove the Aer from your body before you can fight effectively.
You can create your own shop to sell everything from random loot to your crafted weapons. These shops will not require you to stay in a set location, you can hire a shopkeeper to run it for you.
Based on your alliance, you can engage in 100% open PvP in hostile territories, or play it safe in friendly areas. Unallied players will never have to engage in PvP unless they choose to do so, allowing you to choose exactly how much PvP you want to participate in.

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