• Information

  • Developer:
    Carbon Games Inc.

  • Genres:
    2D Sci-Fi

  • Platforms:
    PC, Mac

Airmech (Airmech Arena on XBox 360) allows players to take control of a transforming mech, and pilot it in action filled, MOBA-style battles. The game offers competitive, cooperative, and solo game modes. Each robot has their own unique abilities available, and can select a number of support units to aid them.


Reimagined Action-Strategy: DotA-style gameplay, in short matches using mechs with unique abilities and stats.

Customizable Units: Change and adapt your AirMech and units to best suit each battle. You can also unlock Variant AirMechs (skins) to help you stand out in the fray.

Different Modes: Play in Challenge modes, Survival Mode Co-op, and PvP (1v1 to 3v3).

Controller Support: Designed primarily for controllers, AirMech also offers mouse and keyboard support. Controls may be personalized.

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