Asda Story 2

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Asda Story is back and rebuilt from the ground up! In addition to improved graphics and a slicker control scheme, there is much to be found here.

Choose between 8 Classes to match your playing style!

Hundreds of skills and dozens of Job Classes to progress through! In-depth item alteration systems allow you to modify your equipment to extreme degrees! Look the way you want without sacrificing stats through the unique Sowel and Avatar Systems!

Hardcore Faction-based PvP!

Join either the Light or Darkness Faction and conquer cities to gain server-wide benefits! Earn PvP Ranks, powerful equipment, and some of the best items through the Faction PvP system! Multiple PvP modes and battlefields let you take control of entire maps! Faction Death Matches will allow you to settle grudges personally!

Revolutionary Soul Mate and Marriage Systems!

Join forces with your Soul Mate to level faster! Become far more powerful than when playing alone! Gain access to unique Soul Mate abilities and Guild Skills! Get bonus item rewards and in-game perks by playing together!

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