Asda 2 and Scarlet Legacy Announce Valentines Events

GamesCampus Is Feeling The Love In Scarlet Legacy And Asda 2


Asda 2


Less than three <3! Leading online game publisher announced today its romantic gift offerings to their Scarlet Legacy and Asda 2 communities this month with a bevy of events. From now until March 13th, players can indulge their romantic aspirations in both games with special activities, sales, quests and more!



Scarlet Legacy celebrates the season of affection with a number of new event quests! Enter the Friendly Spring Village map to find possessed villagers – free them from this demonic influence and receive a package of premium items. Turn in special collection items to receive a Valentine’s themed costume piece and a rare event title. While you’re visiting the Village, help soldiers defeat their rivals for the love of the beautiful girls of their dreams. Find a player of the opposite gender to trade items with, and collect even more event tokens and special costumes!


Scarlet Legacy


Spirits will remain high with a second set of events, dedicated to the Year of the Dragon! Gain access to a limited time map with increased item drops, bonus exp, and find the precious Gold Ingot drops that can be traded in for titles, high level skill books, and rare equipment. In addition, all monsters in Scarlet Legacy will have a chance to drop fireworks; collect these fiery treasures to trade in for powerful recovery items and a unique costume set, but hurry – these will only last until March 6th.



Asda 2 is no stranger to love, as the game relies on strong partnerships to compete and succeed. Starting February 14th and running until March 13th, players will be able to gain and spend special event tokens to acquire a number of vanity items themed for the season. Join up with your soul mate for the chance at a special title and entry in to a raffle. Choose one of 4 NPCs to be your Valentine each day and receive a variety of useful items. Participate in the Gifting Event, where high level players can grant new players a unique costume, pet and more to receive a special title in return. Grab a shovel and dig up the letters ‘L’, ‘O’, ‘V’, and ‘E’ to receive a booster filled with items for your loyal pet companions. Plus, don’t miss out on several artistic and community contests to win great prizes!

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