Battle for Graxia

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    Petroglyph Games

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Battle for Graxia is the reboot of Rise of Immortals. This MOBA features 24 different champions, each with their own set of skills. Players can experience a variety of them through the game's free rotation system, and purchase their favorite to use forever. Build your character's disciplines and artifacts, and battle opponents in a 5v5 format.



Variety of Immortals: Immortals are rotated frequently, letting you have a chance to try them out, and find one to suit your playstyle. Each has their own unique skillset!

Artifacts: Give your chosen champion a small boost with various artifacts. Equip even more as you level up your champion, and upgrade the artifacts to provide even more benefit!

Discipline Trees: As you level up, you can choose to distribute your discipline points into four different trees. Each provide various offensive, defensive, and support enhancements, further letting you play how you want!

Monsters and More: Each map is host to a variety of neutral creatures, which can be taken down to provide gold, experience, and even buffs to your Immortal!

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