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Battle of the Immortals is a 2.5D multiplayer game that incorporates eastern and western cultures ranging from Norse Mythology to the Qin Dynasty.

The immense amount of features in this game is amazing and there is hardly any grind for the first sixty levels. Additionally, there are many pets and mounts that you can upgrade and enhance. Being bored is practically impossible.

The pets and mounts are as beautiful as the armor designs. You can catch all in game monsters, excluding the ones you find in dungeons, the bosses and the special quest monsters. Catching a creature does not require anything special either; you will only have to kill mobs in order to make a catchable one appear. Regular members will only be able to have three pets at once, which isn't much, but you will only need one at a time anyway. Your pets improve by simply killing monsters and you will be able to strengthen them by melding them with another pet or by using certain items, such as a Pet Gem.

You will get your own free mount, which is class-based. You can upgrade yours by fortifying them with special crystals. When you successfully fortify your mount it will change its appearance and make it look badass. More mounts are available in the Cash Shop.

At level 35 you will be able to gather herbs, crystals, ores and materials. With these items you can craft various accessories and other useful items. The crafting feature is so simple, yet effective. I have never seen one similar to Battle of the Immortals' Tech System.

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