Battle of the Immortals Launches Shifting Tides Update

Battle of the Immortals Launches Shifting Tides Update




Perfect World Entertainment Inc. announced today that the latest expansion to its action-packed free-to-play MMORPG Battle of the Immortals: Shifting Tides is now available to play. As one of the most robust updates in Battle of the Immortals, this expansion brings with it many exciting fresh features to push players to their limits, including new zones, 100 new levels within a single instance, fiercer bosses, a new PvP arena, and much more!



“Our players have been asking for more content, and we’re happy to give it to them with this latest update,” said Battle of the Immortals Product Manager Thang Phan. “With a slew of new content and instances like the Endless Stairs, players will not only need to hone their skills, but refine their combat strategy as well.”



New Features:

• The Endless Stairs — Unlock 100 new levels, a variety of puzzles, and a multitude of boss fights, this brand new single instance promises to push players to their limits.


• Exalted Strength — Aside from increasing a character’s strength, this advance system will unlock newperks including new equipment, a new instance, powerful pets, and more.


• Champion’s Arena — Brand new PvP arena for all champions ready to prove their might and gain massive rewards. The arena’s balancing system ensures fair combat to all who step foot with its walls and rewards for those who are victorious in battle.


• Radiant Temple — Explore this never before seen instance and face the dangers that lurk in every crevice of the temple. Sharpen your skills, because even the most experienced warriors will need to be at their best to have the slightest chance at survival.



Shifting Tides is an exciting adventure, which continues the saga to prevent the total annihilation of the world of Motenia. The Goddesses of Fate have convened to locate a source of power to help strengthen the world’s defenses. The journey to locate the source of power is a treacherous pursuit through unexplored lands that pushes each hero to their limits. Only time will tell if the tides have shifted to benefit mankind and the destruction of the world has been averted.

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