C21 Online

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    PC, Mac

C21 - Steel Battle Chronicles is an action-style RPG featuring robots as its stars. Take the role of a fighter in the Neo Robot Force, and join forces with others to defeat the wicked Devil Robot Force. Customize and upgrade dozens of robots while bringing peace to the world.


Action-Based Gameplay: Use your keyboard and mouse, or a gamepad, to move around and fight on the ground and in the air against other robots.

Highly Customizable Robots: Robots can be upgraded through adding, removing, and changing parts to fit your personal playstyle.

Skin Editor: Use the paint store to customize the look of your robot, with the freedom to draw, color, and design either through the in-game graphics editor or through your own graphics program. Skins can even be shared with other players.

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  • C21 Online Trailer

    C21 Online enters the frey with epic scale mech battles.

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