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Based in the devastated land of Nevareth, CABAL Online is a fast-paced, console style, free-to-play massively multiplayer online game. With a unique combo system, requiring more than the usual hack’n’slash, the game is full of action-packed and challenging content for all types of player to enjoy.
From the exhilarating time-based solo dungeons, to the PvP nation war arenas, the game has something for everyone – whether it be slowly taking part in the hundreds of lore based quests or quickly leveling to enter the daily war between the two nations.


Intriguing Plot Tied into Quests: Unravel the mysteries of Cabal as you complete epic missions and quest lines.

Mission Wars: Compete for the honor of your nation in epic PvP battles.

6 Classes: Take up arms as a blader, wizard, warrior, force archer, force shielder, or force blader and fight your way to greatness with a level cap of 190!

Achievement and Title System: Recently added in the episode VII update, Cabal now offers a way to keep track of all your great adventures, as well as display titles showing off all you've accomplished.

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