ESTSoft announces details on the Fourth Episode of CABAL Online

ESTSoft announces details on the Fourth Episode of CABAL Online


ESTSoft today announced details of the latest free expansion for CABAL Online, the hugely popular free-to-play massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG). Episode IV: Porta Inferno will be released this month for free download in Europe and the United States, expanding the level cap to 180, adding a brand new hunting region and introducing a range of stunning new skills. It will continue to build on the winning formula that has made the game a global success, with fast-paced action, a unique combo system and spectacular skill animations.


CABAL Episode IV will lead players through the portal to the gates of hell, transporting them to the edges of the world to a place inhabited by the deadliest and most vicious scourge. It will put them face to face with the strongest foes ever to grace the lands of Nevareth, with outdoor bosses and a series of challenges to overcome.


Other notable features of the expansion include:
– Increased level cap from 170 to 180.
– New Maps – Porta Inferno and Chaos Arena Level 6.
– New Quests
– Revamped item upgrading system – Ability to upgrade equipment to +15, giving the item improved stats and appearance.
– Social Network Integration – Register and post tweets to a twitter account while inside the game.
– Expanded War System – All players above level 51 will now be able to participate in the nation war battles.


More information on CABAL Online Episode IV, including preview screenshots and trailers, can be found on the official game website for the United States and for Europe.



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