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Celetania is a persistent 4X MMOG world.
4X is the synonym for eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate and points out that the game is a combination of commercial development, peaceful expansion and tactical power struggle.
MMOG means Massive Multiplayer Online Game. Thousands of players play simultaneously in a virtual world in this genre. Every action of a player can affect the fate of all other players.
The equilibrium of the nations is collapsing - it is time for you to claim your rightful place in the newly emerging order!
You start as the emperor of a single planet in Celetania. It is your task to evolve commercially as well as technologically till you are able to build spaceships. These will give you the chance to explore the world of Celetania fully.
You can decide to evolve peacefully and integrate new planets in your empire. It won’t take long before you are able to meet neighbouring nations, which will be commanded by other real players in the role as the emperor of these. You will be able to trade with them to speed up your expansion and create bonds and alliances with them.
You will also be able to choose the path of the dark side. Why pay when you can simply steal the resources of your neighbour! Destroy their trade ships and take over their colonies! Be careful though - you have to assume that they won’t be happy about it and exert their right of revenge...
There are an infinite amount of challenges that you must master in devotion for your nation (or for a sturdy bounty...). There are pirates that will be camping your way and the resources of the galaxy are not inexhaustible although it may seem like it. The scarcity will demand its victims.
The world of Celetania is an ongoing simulation. Your nation keeps carrying your orders out even if you are not online to guide them yourself. Each and every one of your actions influences the whole universe which contains all the players. You can’t escape the responsibility of your actions! There will be thousands of players who will fear you or wanting to ally with you... or you and your nation will disappear just like many others before without leaving a trail or being remembered.

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