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Merlin is up to his magical mischief again, and this time he's created a catastrophic rift in time. In Chronicles of Merlin, players are caught in the rift and transported back to Merlin's alternate reality alongside the greatest heroes and villains of all history. In a land called Westmore where the strong rule with an iron fist over the weak, you'll need to rally heroes to your side and quickly make some allies to survive.

Chronicles of Merlin exists as a real-time strategy browser based MMORPG. You build an army through detailed formation selection (that works similarly to selecting plays in football games) and the development of your powerful Hero characters.

The game offers you plenty of pve situations to hone your skills and acquire the basic resources required to go toe-to-toe with other players. Each quest consists of multiple missions culminating in a 'legion boss' that will require you to join forces with multiple other players to overcome a dastardly titan or great military force.

All of this though is just training for the meat and potatos of Chronicles of Merlin, the pvp. Land across Europe can be captured and reaped for resources. Though it is possible to own and protect your own small plot of land, to gain true wealth you will need to team up with a clan and attempt to conquer all the lands of Europe. Fighting is fierce and only the most honed and tatically minded leaders will come out on top. Will you be among them?

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