Civilization 5: Brave New World

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Civilization V is a simulation game where players struggle to rule the world. You start at the dawn of man, developing your civilization through diplomacy, technology, and military strength. Each civilization has different strengths and weaknesses. Compete against famous rulers across history, such as George Washington, Otto von Bismarck, Catherine the Great, and Napoleon Bonaparte.


18+ Civilizations: Choose your favorite, based on how you want to play the game. Each civilization has various units and buildings that set them apart. Wise use of all of them will be the key to success. With constant DLC and new civs being released constantly, each game feels unique from the previous.

Engaging Combat: Battles are much more exciting than previous Civilization games. Ranged weapons are used to support infantry units, and bombardments can also be used from the skies. Clever use of tactics will help players win.

Believable World: Randomly generated worlds are perfectly reasonable and understandable, with mountains, rivers, oceans and deserts. Diversity will be the key to a successful civilization.

Guidance: Advisers will help new players get a feel for the game, while helping veterans to the series ensure their decisions are sound. Each will give tips and hints on how to create a successful, thriving city, and beyond.

Team up with your friends to take on the world, whether it be AI opponents or otherwise.

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