Civlization 5 Announces Brave New World Expansion

Civlization 5 Announces Brave New World Expansion



I know I wasn’t alone in disappointed last year when Firaxis announced the final patch update to Civilization Gods and Kings. We had one of our content team give the game one final review with the changes and figured it was time to mark the game off our list and begin the long march until Civilization 6’s inevitable announcement. But nay I say that day has not come yet!



Joystiq has just announced and our contact at 2k Games confirmed the reveal of Civilization 5’s next major expansion, Brave New World, next week at PAX East! Though details are scarce, we have the following comments from, Foraxis Producer Dennis Shirk.



“Right at the beginning there are trade routes. Caravans go back and forth in trade routes. Barbarians can attack them spawning more barbarians. Other players can attack to disrupt trade during wartime. Players will also have a button to easily display an overlay of trade routes in the game.” In regards to new features in the industrial and modern era, the new ideology feature will come into play. “We just wanted to have that culture game be as engaging as the military victory. Before it was just a really passive game style.”



Keep an eye out on OnRPG as I’ll be checking out the Firaxis panel at PAX next Saturday to report on any new features revealed!

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