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SSCU Trench Wars is an exciting team-based game platform. Trench Wars has become the most versatile and well known zone in all of Continuum. Primarily conceived as a team based flagging game, Trench Wars has evolved into a multi-faceted zone offering endless hours of entertainment. Upon entering Trench Wars, you will find yourself amidst the chaos of our public arena, where you can choose your objectives. The main goal is to assist your team in any way you can to capture and defend the base where the flag is housed. Holding the flag for 3 minutes consecutively will earn you and your team the win!

While each of the 8 ships have a specifically designed set of functions created to promote a balanced and skill oriented flagging match, our newest feature in the zone has a system where you can earn currency we call "Pub Bucks"! You can spend this currency for special upgrades on your ship, or perform devastating attacks on the opposition! For those who want to prove their worth amongst the best, you can challenge other players to a 1 on 1 duel using the money you have earned, and eventually become the richest and most renowned player in the arena!

Trench Wars also has two very competitive squad based League gaming systems, Trench Wars Leagues (TWL) and the ladder-based Trench Wars Division (TWD). TWL is now in its 14th season, and continues to be the battlegrounds for the best of the best in Dueling, Javelins and Basing. Squads compete each weekend during a regular season in order to make their way to the playoffs, for a chance at winning their respective TWL-Cups! TWD is a more versatile league system, where games can be played at any time and all squads can compete! All of these games are hosted automatically by bots called MatchBots, who handle all score reporting, game setup, and referee decisions.

In addition to our public arena and leagues, we also boast more than 700 sub-arenas, or "Events" which are hosted periodically by the staff members that hold the zone together. Some of these events include; Deathmatch style dueling, uniquely styled and customized Flagging games, several Elimination style games in addition to our 24 hour Elims, specially themed holiday maps, ship specific maps that play on 1 specific ships specialty, racing, ball games (such as Hockey/Soccer/Golf), and our very own "Zombies" game where the humans have a limited time to survive and escape the wrath of the zombies before they are hunted down and eaten alive! Our sub-arenas are always expanding, as they are created mostly by you, the community.

There are also weekend events hosted each Saturday and Sunday that offer special prizes, and even cash tournaments where you can play for and win real money!

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