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Dream of Mirror is a free-to-play MMORPG (massive multi-player online role playing game) developed by Softstar, leading brand of Chinese video games industry. Dream of Mirror surpassed 400,000 registered users in Taiwan alone!

The player can choose between 4 races, 6 classes and 6 skills to gain experience through amazing quests and missions; weapons grow too, and pets are active allied during combats. In this game user can fly all over the places riding its weapons. The game places a lot of emphasis on teamwork also through the strong human relationship system that is core for gaming experience development. For the game success it is essential also to establish highly close friends groups.

These guilds will have to vote for a leader who will guide them in combats versus other guilds: winners will gain cities control!

Game’s interface is extremely user friendly and is built to assist player’s interactions and to involve him into the game. Except for many handy functions the players can access, there are also many paths designed for new players to start the game easily.

The graphic provide contemporary 3D anime style with cell shading effects.

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