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    Eyedentity Games

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Dragon Nest is an action-based MMORPG with skill based combat using the mouse to aim rather than tab targeting.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes - In game cash shop.

Key Features:

8 Core Classes: Each core class has advancement tiers, most of them with two separate paths. There are all together 45 different sub classes to play!

PvP Arenas: Dragon Nest takes their unique systems and puts them to the test in dazzling skill based PvP arenas, featuring up to 16 players at one time. They are auto-balanced by keeping track of a player’s skill to match them against similarly skilled players in the future.

Customizable Dungeons: Whether alone or with a group, wanting a cake walk or a controller throw inducing gauntlet, Dragon Nest has you covered. You can customize the dungeons to your liking, with rewards matching the effort put into them.

Dazzling Cut Scenes: Don’t like reading quests? Dragon Nest will keep  you in the loop with animated and voiced cut scenes detailing the finer details of the main plotline.

Live Action MMO Combat: Targeting is becoming a thing of the past. Dragon Nest forces players to aim each strike to strike at your aims. Using a small cursor, you will line up magic, hammer swings, and arrows to puncture your enemies. Do you have the skill to focus skill shots while dodging vicious enemies? Give the game a try and find out what real action combat is all about.

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