Dragon Nest SEA upcoming Service Transfer

After 6 years of fun-filled adventuring in Dragon Nest SEA, Singapore-based publisher Cherry Credits has reached the end of its contractual publishing duties for the hit Action-RPG and shall hand over operations to its original creator, South Korean-based Eyedentity Games, around the end of August 2017.

Cherry Credits will continue to work closely with Eyedentity Games to support various areas of its operations. Cherry Credits will also be the exclusive payment partner for one of Eyedentity Games’ EYECash product – EYETotal, the new Cash Shop currency used after the reopening of the service. They will do their best to minimalize inconvenience during this period.

Alongside this will be a temporary game closure on the handover day to allow for a smooth transition

between publishers. All player data will be unaffected by this transfer. This includes unspent CC, which will still be usable to purchase the new Cash Shop currency, EYETotal, once Dragon Nest SEA reopens under Eyedentity’s purview. Additionally, Eyedentity Games will be reopening Dragon Nest SEA with major content updates that include a Level 95 cap and Ray Mechanic launch. Further details will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

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