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Dragonica is the first 3D side-scrolling MMORPG! Set in the realm of magic and dragons, our story begins in a great war which ended the harmonious living of all creatures in Dragotaka. The conflict separated them into two sides; The Nobles, led by the Dragon Lord and the Minions, led by the Dark Lord, Elga.

Over the years, the Nobles managed to restore balance and peace by defeating the Minions. However, Elga discovered the power of sorcery and summoned all kinds of monsters which helped her invade half of the world. The Dragon Lord now calls upon brave heroes to train and become elite warriors. Together, you aim to end Elga’s evildoing once and for all.

Game Features
Supported by a full 3D system, Dragonica provides more diverse and dynamic action by having maps with the Depth and Turn concept. Players cannot only move sideways but can move up and down as well.

Combat System
Try and mix up your attack combination to see which will end up perfect with the humorous skills available. Chain consecutive hits also give you additional experience which is very critical to steady leveling.

Pet System
Dragonica offers cute and adorable pets that not only assist you in battle but can also be used as a transport. Pets evolve through time and show various facial expressions.

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