Dragonica Europe Reveals Details On Upcoming Expansion

Gala Networks Europe is delighted to announce more features for Awakening of the Ice Dragon, the upcoming expansion for its free action MMO Dragonica. Awakening of the Ice Dragon is set to raise the game’s level cap to 75, open up an entire new continent filled with game-play content and introduce a wide range of new features based around in-game markets and auctions.


The new continent of Pagosia will be open for exploration as soon as Awakening of the Ice Dragon launches. The new land offers players a host of new maps, new monsters and new challenges for high level players between levels 62 and 75. Some of these monsters may seem familiar to the seasoned adventurers, as they are the spectral versions of monsters that players may have encountered on their journey through the world of Dragonica.

The long-awaited Strategic Defence Mode (F7) will also be available, in which players must defend their core from invading monsters that follow paths around a specific route. Players may attack monsters directly, or progress more strategically by creating defensive structures to repel the onslaught. Furthermore, a whole new chain of hero quests and daily quests will be available to aid players in Dragonica’s new ultimate challenge – reaching level 75.

For anyone thinking of joining Dragonica, there are some exciting developments in the lower level ranges to look forward to when Awakening of the Ice Dragon goes live:  three new dungeons will be available, designed specifically for lower level player characters, and a series of feature and quest updates in the early stages of Dragonica will make it easier for new players to enter the fray.

Dragonica Europe Expansion Announced!

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