Dragons Call

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    Everdream Studio

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    Browser Based

Dragon's Call, a brand new browser MMORPG has stunning graphics and a large variety of ways to play. Your character will be equipped with an variety of weapons, skills and magical abilities to help you in your journey through quests across the mysterious lands.

You will not only encounter wild animals but also PVP with real players. Your role is to defend the lands with justice. Choose your side and build alliances.


1. No need to install and free to play forever

This game is a browser based online game. It saves the download of any client software to your computer. You can start an epic adventure without any install required.
2. Thousands of captivating quests
Our quest system provides a great variety of quests with tons of fun in store for you. Great rewards will be given out once a quest is completed.
3. Innovative in-game systems
This game offers well rounded and well coordinated game play through a variety of innovative in-game systems to create an action packed MMO experience, including equipment refining, auction house, talent system, training system, job system, etc. which will sure bring unique fun to players.
4. Clever bot system
You can play the game with bot, which means you don’t need to spend long time online in order to advance your character. You can easily level up your character even when you go away from keyboard.
Featured in-game systems:
1. Equipment Refining
You can power up your attack and defense through refining your equipment.
2. Equipment Combination
You can add new attributes like strength or stamina to your equipment through combining you equipment.
3. Rune Embedding
When the equipment is embedded with a rune, it will gain an appropriate bonus, like empowered damage output.
4. Job System
You will obtain reputation, EXP and gold through working. When a certain amount of reputation is obtained, you will be given special offers and a lot of incredible goodies.
5. Auction House
Auction will be held periodically with elite items available for bidding.
6. Market System
Market is a place where players trade items with each other. You can not only sell items to exchange for gold, but also you can dig up something you are interested in, though you have to pay some handling fee.
7. Mail System
You are allowed to send emails or deliver items to your friend through using the in-game mail system.
8. PVP System
You can PvP against or loot a player at your level. PvP is only allowed in the arena while loot must be done in the wild. Both PvP and loot will bring you decent rewards.
9. Ranking System
There are three rankings available, i.e. Level Ranking, Gold Ranking and Score Ranking. You can not only check your own rankings, but also your friends’ and opponents’.
10. Talent System
Characters of three professions are each built up with different skill trees. Skill tree development will end up with a shift in one direction or the other. You can build a unique character with a distinctive way to distribute stat points.
11. Bot system
In the wild, after selecting the type of monster and setting the number of monsters you want to bot, the bot will automatically do monster grinding for you. Once the bot is activated, your character will launch auto attack upon targets to gain EXP and loots which will be sent to your mailbox. No item will drop through botting, and the bot system will not keep track of how many mobs you have killed.
12. Training System

In the training field, you can set the bot to target a certain amount of monsters. No item will drop here, and less experience you’ll gain from killing monsters compared with using bot in the wild. However, you can target more monsters here, and you’re totally safe and don’t have to consume Dragon Coins.


Warrior: King of Power
According to legend, warriors have extremely strong vitality. Equipped with a giant sword and heavy armor, they are capable of using various types of melee skills and have high defense abilities. Although they cannot deal the highest damage to their opponents, they will definitely inflict mighty damage. They more often than not, step forward to the front and absorb most damage dealt by their opponents.

Most used weapons: sword, shield
Talents: boost themselves, weaken enemies

Mage: Controller of Magic
Mages are adapted at using magic and focused on casting magic damage on their enemies. They are excellent at launching long range attacks. Mages are able to severely damage enemies before the enemies launch their attack. Covered by warriors, they can give a deadly blow to their opponents.

Most used weapons: staff, magic book
Talents: thunder spell, fire spell

Assassin: Nimble Knight Errant
Assassins attack enemies in a swift and accurate way. They are nimble and great-hearted. Even when enemies make a quick attack, assassins can easily dodge from attack. In the battlefield, they have the ability to hamper their opponents, which makes them a valuable part of the adventure team.

Most used weapon: Dagger
Talents: Boost attack, use poison

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