Welcome Back Event Goes Live in Dragon’s Call

Welcome Back Event Goes Live in Dragon’s Call


To ease the pain of sad dilemma and get the DC veterans back to the exciting battles with old alliance mates, EverDream is hosting a warm “Welcome Back Event” in Dragon’s Call now. Besides those enchanting in-game gifts, EverDream had also upgraded the server stability and provided many new servers with larger capacity. Furthermore, in case some veterans might not know, the new expansion, Sacred Wings, was launched a few weeks ago along with many new features and bug fixes.

Dragons Call FREE MMORPG, Welcome Back

The event document revealed that users who haven’t accessed their account from 25th Dec. to 3rd Jan. will be able to receive the Special Welcome Back Package from the in-game event NPC. Click here for more details.


Sacred Wings New Features List –



Combine Magic Formation

Sky City Arena 



Sky City Arena Guides

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