Dungeon Empires

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    3D Medieval

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Dungeon Empires is a F2P Dungeon Crawler with a twist, competitive dungeon editing software included. This is a first to see such level of detail and customization packed into a browser based 3D engine.

Game Features

Build Your Own Dungeon- From decoration, to maps, to theme, to monsters, the dungeons are all player built. Can you build the ultimate dungeon to defeat your enemies? Can you defeat your enemies ultimate dungeon? The battle is yours to decide.

Intense Turn Based Action- Although the game is turn based, Gamigo knows better than anyone how to put the tactics in MMO turn based combat. You can be assured that character placement, stealth, and a variety of skills will all be required to succeed as the master of Dungeon Empires

Unique Leveling System- Whether a dungeon crawler or a dungeon master, your efforts will net you experience that you can use to improve the strength of your hero, or grow the strength of your minions. As one adventurer after another falls prey to your devious dungoen, you can use your experience to level up the monsters in your dungeon and amp up the difficulty for future explorers.

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  • Dungeon Empires Teaser Trailer

    Gamigo has unvealed a unique browser turned based dungeon crawler known as Dungeon Empires. It has a twist.. fully player created dungeons with dungeon bui

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