Eon Altar

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    Flying Helmet Games

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Eon Altar is a unique, cross-platform RPG experience.  Designed to play off of smartphones and tablets, the game links all the devices onto a central display, while each individual character is controlled by each player's tablet or smartphone.  The game gives everyone the feel of a tabletop adventure, while providing modern convenience and turn-based action, dialogue, and more.


Unique, cross-platform play:  Designed for tablets, smartphones, and tablet PCs running iOS, Windows 8, or Android, Eon Altar will support them all seamlessly.

Traditional RPG style:  Explore deep caves, uncover buried treasure, and defeat scores of monsters with your friends, reminiscent of a classic tabletop adventure.

Individual action:  Your own device controls your own character.  This gives you the power to decide what you want to do, rather than what one person in the group does.

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  • Ed Douglas

    Hi all! Eon Altar now on Kickstarter! Check it out, support us and spread the word: http://kck.st/1cErXXn

  • James D.

    Tried this game and thankfully so. The concept is great, but the execution wasn’t nailed. The controls were enough to turn me off to this one. Very clunky. If you can get past choppy movement and imprecise targeting, the game looks good and the story isn’t horrible. Great idea but not streamlined enough to get me on board.