Eon Altar Now Available Via Steam Early Access

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Canadian indie studio Flying Helmet Games… You’ve already stopped reading, have you? Dammit, fine. Let’s cut to the chase.

Eon Altar is a role-playing game for PC. Right, played them before. Couch co-op… Interested? A new, innovative game. I know, you heard that before. But what kind of innovation are we talking about?

Alright, what about this: Your smartphone is your controller.

Each player has their own private screen. They each have their own secret agenda which they can hide or share while they cooperate and compete their way to victory. Oh, and that private screen? It’s whatever you already have in your pocket.

Let’s find out how a shiny, new Eon Altar can help you in your gaming life.

Scott from Spuzum, BC asks: I used to play D&D and tabletop games with my friends, but nobody can commit to the schedule anymore. They’re SO old now! They finish their character sheets then never show up again! Will Eon Altar help?

Yes! Eon Altar is designed to feel like your gaming sessions of old: the fun stories, the exciting combat, the punching your friend in the arm for stealing your loot. Finish a level in 90 minutes, and continue the story next time you get together. All you need is a couch, pizza, and drinks! Word to the wise, though; be careful who you double-cross: they may be your ride home.

Lukas from Newfoundland, Canada asks: My friends say they want to hang out for a fun game night, but when I bring out the really cool games with 3000 pieces and read them the 30-page manual, they run away! What can Eon Altar do for me?

Eon Altar delivers all the complexity of rich, deep, classic gaming but without all the hours of setup and phonebook-thick rules. With Eon Altar, your friends will now be able to enjoy the kind of game YOU enjoy, without fear. You each control a unique character that you explore and upgrade on your path to victory. The game takes care of all the details for you: powers, weapons, armor, gear upgrades and crafting, even your quests. All individually, and privately!

Angela from Atlanta asks: But didn’t you say a “video game”? My friend refuses to play anything with a controller. The smooth rubber on the joystick gives him gas…

Weren’t you listening? Your smartphone is your controller! Check in your pants: do you have one? Download the Eon Altar Controller app on the Google Whatsis and the Apple Orchard and voilà, it’ll connect automagically. Everything is through touchscreen, just like Candy Bird and SnapBook! Tell that friend of yours he never has to worry about a 16-button controller again! We’re serious… THIS is the game to hook that friend who’s allergic to video games.

Wesley from Wales pleads: That all sounds great, but I really, reaallllly don’t like people… Please don’t make me play with other people!

But what about all the loot stealing, the AoEing your teammate with fireballs, the letting them die when they’re about to complete their quest so you can ninja the loot? Doesn’t that make you wanna play with your fellow human beings?!

No? OK, fine. You can also play this game alone, if you want. We’re not gonna stop you. But seriously, call your friends over. Blackmail your little brother if you need to. Because single-player Eon Altar is fun, but together with friends it’s a blast.

Joey from Juno, Alaska asks: Who made all this anyways? Who do they think they are?

I’m glad you asked, fellow totally-not-made-up friend! Both our project director and our writer did time together at BioWare, building RPG stories with the masters. Other team members plied their trade on huge games at Electronic Arts, Microsoft, United Front Games, Radical Entertainment, and many others. And the composer… Woah… Have you heard our soundtrack? He composed for Halo, Prince of Persia, Red Steel, and Tom Clancy games. A powerhouse, I tell ya. And let’s not forget the stellar voice actors who brought a huge cast of heroes and villains to life.

We are Flying Helmet Games. Nice to meet you.

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