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Force of Arms is a Mech-MMORPG with a gigantic world map: 4,000 km by 4,000km at a 1:1 scale; about 1/3rd the size of Earth! However, players are not going to be allowed to freely go anywhere on a whim. There are fuel requirements as even Fusion Engines burn fuel, so the distance available to travel is based on the fuel tanks and supply centers.

Nearly forty years have passed since the last colonial ship from Earth arrived. Faster Than Light capability had ceased to function for reasons unknown. There has been no news since that time.

Opposing factions originally agreed to end their disputes and strive for peace and colonization of the barren planet K-9WD Gamma. Peace would not last.

The main fighting unit is Mechanized Armor (abbreviated: Mech.). Large humanoid armored war machines armed with energy, kinetic and missile weapon systems.

Initially, Force of Arms will take place on the barren frontier planet called K-9WD Gamma. The planet has a frontier colonization feel to it with political instability. The planet is one of the few planets discovered to be mineral rich with a special element that provides superconductivity components to operate well into high temperatures. The end goal is for humanity to rediscover Faster-Than-Light capability, and it is of this planet that the rediscovery will occur.

At a certain point of time, Force of Arms will be expanded to include many star systems and alien races.

General Features
- Mech based game system
- One huge world, which will change over time due to terra-forming efforts.
- Dynamic political boundaries
- Cinematic realism
- Sophisticated game play
- 3D tactical combat
- Various levels of technology
- Customizable and player created Mechs
- Solo play is possible

- Using the HERO System for the role-playing aspect and for the combat system.
- Open Skill Based system with no professions or class limitations.
- Using a complex construction system for fighting units.
- Sophistication over "dumbing down".
- Players will be given the choice of how much detail and sophistication they prefer.
- A game system that will be evolving during its life-span.
- Player created content
- Characters start out as heroes rather than of being an adult with the skills of an infant.
- Dynamic Story Arc that the actions of players have impact, with weekly to monthly episodes.
- Player rankings by reputation, fame and fortune.
- Quarterly epic battles.

Multiplayer Features
- One server cluster that only hardware will limit the number of concurrent players.
- Part of the Multi-verse network
- Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capability
- Text Chat capability
- Group and guild organization
- Flash Browser Supported
- Built-in Web Browser

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